REVIEW – Advent calendar 22 December

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas, Bing Crossby (and Perry Como and others) sang a long time ago. In my house, the Christmas tree got decorated today, and in the kitchen a lot of Christmas goodies were prepared for the coming days. Today’s Harry Potter advent calendar also added to the Christmas feel, with a nice seasonal model as you will see…

22 December model review

In the plastic bag today, we found a good lot of bricks in different sizes and colours. I counted 26 bricks, and with those you can build four Christmas presents to put under the Christmas tree we got on 4 December.


The clever thing about the presents is that each of them is in the colour of one of the Hogwarts houses.


The parts are pretty standard, though the printed tan envelopes stand out. These are new this year and getting another two is great. A couple of exposed studs on top of the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw presents detract (maybe “jumper’ plates were not available in the right colours), and the use of the small plate with clip as bow tie works okay in black, but for some reason I think it doesn’t look right in grey on the Slytherin present.


The Great Hall is now ready for Christmas! I wonder if there will be any more visitors? We still have two more days to go after all.

As listed, the presents had a few issues that detract, but the amount of bricks you get (earlier LEGO advent calendars often gave you just two presents in a daily model) and the two awesome printed envelopes makes me lift my score to just above average today with 3.5 out of five House points.

With this, we only have two more models left. I am curious to see what we will get. Another minifigure, I’m pretty sure – but what else? Tomorrow we’ll know more – check back in on the review pageto see.


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