REVIEW – Advent calendar 23 December

Christmas is literally just around the corner with today giving us the second last model, leaving us with just one more lid to open tomorrow. I had kind of expected what we got today would have been tomorrow’s model –  leaving me very curious what we’ll get tomorrow! But let’s first have a look at what we got today…

23 December model review

Today we got another minifigure – number six (and seven if you count the Statue of the Hogwarts Architect we got the other day). This is pretty good – noting that LEGO Friends advent calendars often only include two minidolls.


The figure is of Albus Dumbledore, who comes with nicely printed legs (so he can actually set by the table) and torso. The head is double printed with different expressions (and with/without glasses)

Apart from the glasses, it is hard to see a difference due to the beard piece though.


It is a very nice model – though exactly the same as included in the 2018 Hogwarts Great Hall (set 75954). He still looks great with the others in the Great Hall though.


I kind of feel it’s a missed opportunity not to skip his hairpiece at least and substitute with a Santa’s hat and maybe a sack. He could then have been bringing in the presents saying “Ho, ho, ho – Merry Christmas” to everyone. So here is a photo where I’ve given Dumbledore a hat.


I kind of like Dumbledore as “Santa”, but otherwise, he’s no longer rare minifigure (as be was considered pre 2018) having featured both in the Hogwarts Great Hall set last year and this year’s Hogwarts Clock Tower set – in addition to a very nice version in the Harry Potter Collectable Minifigure Series.

For that reason, given we got exactly the same version that has already been released, I will only award it three out of four House points. But given Dumbledore was today’s model, I’m really curious to find out what we will get tomorrow! You can check my thoughts on the review page in another 24 hours.

Till then, Build the Magic!













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