REVIEW – Advent calendar 4 December

The first three days of December have given us three vastly different models – but generally of very high quality. Will 4 December give us anything different again? And how many House Points will I award it? Read on for my 4 December review…

4 December model

Today we got something very similar to yesterday, but that is perfectly fine, because today’s model is absolutely stunning! We got a Christmas tree – supplementing the two smaller we got 3 December well, but the level of detail on this one is amazing.

The first thing you notice is the amount of parts you get – together with the spares I counted 38! And not just small parts, as you get four 2×4 wedge plates. The tree is made up of a central trunk, with wedge plates and cheese slopes making up the branches. Pearl gold 1×1 round plates are used for decorations along with a star on the top as the ones we had yesterday too.

Once put together, you have a beautiful looking tree here seen in comparison with the two smaller ones from yesterday.


The mix of dark green and sand green works well and there is no sudden change from white to dark green as we had with the trees from yesterday.


I can imagine seeing Hagrid pulling the tree through the snow to decorate the great hall (no Hagrid wasn’t in the calendar).


Together with its smaller cousins from yesterday, the trees adds to the Christmas atmosphere in the Great Hall. I really like the design – the bigger size allows much better detail than what we had yesterday. Once again, Dumbledore is in a happy mood and awards five out of five House Points to today’s model.

Can the advent calendar keep up the quality? Or have I totally inflated the scale? Check back tomorrow on Facebook or directly on the advent calendar review page to see…

Till then – Build the Magic!


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