REVIEW: Advent calendar 23 December 2021

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas, Bing Crossby (and Perry Como and others) sang a long time ago. In my house, the Christmas tree will be decorated today, and more Christmas cookies will be prepared in the kitchen. Today’s Harry Potter advent calendar also added to the Christmas feel, with a nice seasonal model as you will see…

Finally, after a long wait since the Christmas wreath on the fireplace on 4 December, this year’s advent calendar finally delivered a festive model.

23 December model

Today’s model is a Christmas tree to decorate the Great Hall at Hogwarts. And it is a good sized model with 34 pieces (I think – if I counted correctly), four of them being spares.

There are many parts – so here is how you build the tree step-by-step.

I really like how the completed tree looks. Now we are ready to celebrate Christmas at Hogwarts.

Draco: “Hey, were’s my presents? My dad will hear about this…”

Getting a Christmas tree seems to be a tradition, as one has been included in each of the two previous calendars, on 4 December in 2019 and on 13 December in 2020. Looking at the size of the tree, I thought it did look a bit smaller than the previous, but it could be my memory failing me. So I found the plastic bags where I had stored the models from the last two calendars to compare.

It turned out, I was right. This is indeed the smallest of the trees we have got to date (when comparing the largest trees in the calendars, as both the previous also had smaller trees included as well).

2019 tree (left) vs. 2020 tree (middle) vs. 2021 tree (right)


It is a good looking Christmas tree, and long overdue getting a Christmas themed model. In the previous years, we would have had many such at this point. It has a high piece count, though it is still smaller than the trees we have seen in previous years. Due to this, it will be just shy of the maximum points, with 4.5 out of 5 house points awarded today.

What will be behind the last door tomorrow? I think most might have figured out. Only one more sleep and you can check the final review on the advent calendar review page for this year!

Till then, Build the Magic!

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