REVIEW: Advent calendar 4 December 2021

After two items for the gameboard and a minifigure, what will be hiding behind today’s door? Will it add to yesterday’s fireplace, or give us something new? Read on to see what we got…

4 December model

Not surprisingly, we got some accessories to make the fireplace look a bit more finished – and some letters to feed it with. But more about those later.

Compared to the 20 pieces we got yesterday, getting 10 today is less impressive for sure, but three of them being printed envelopes helps to even the score a bit.

Three of the pieces makes a nice ornament for the fireplace (two pieces are spares). This is the first Christmas related (sub) model, and is therefore very suitable for an advent calendar.

The broom and the shovel click on the sides to make this completed model.

The printed envelopes represent Hogwarts acceptance letters of course and can be loaded into the back of fireplace as shown.

You can just fit the three letters in the back. Then you just need to lift up the black tile that blocks the fireplace to have a mail delivery right into the lounge!

It works quite well. Here is what it looks like when doing so. Sorry Uncle Vernon, there can be mail on a Sunday!

The functioning (as many would have seen) is shown on the back of the calendar box.


Today’s addition has improved on yesterday’s model. Having looked at the box yesterday, it didn’t leave any surprise really, which is a shame. Considering the last couple of days combined, the fireplace is a good model though – and I do like the play feature, which works really well. I would have liked a bit more height to the model – a few bricks of chimney on top, but that is a minor thing. But with relatively few bricks today, and little (if anything) to surprise, I can’t award it more than an average three out of five housepoints.

What will 5 December bring? Another minifigure already? Or a chimney for the fireplace? Or are we back to building stuff for the base? Check back tomorrow on the Advent Calendar page to see.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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