REVIEW: Advent calendar 7 December 2021

Are we still on the rock island today – or have we moved on to a new location in the Harry Potter universe? And will today’s model finally bring us another tie in with Christmas? Let’s open door number seven to find out…

Today, we leave the hut on the rock island behind. Harry now know’s he’s a wizard, and has got a long shopping list for his upcoming year at Hogwarts. But where do you buy those strange kind of things that a wizard needs? Luckily Hagrid knows just the place…

7 December model

Of course you need to get to Diagon Alley. And to get there, you need to enter through the Leaky Cauldron. This iconic building has strangely enough never been made into a LEGO set. But today we got a Leaky Cauldron sign, so that’s a good start.

With only five parts used (plus one as spare), this is one of the quickest builds to date.

Most of the parts are rather generic. The big star is really the printed sign for the Leaky Cauldron, which looks awesome.

I must say, I like the printed tiles LEGO has included in this year’s calendar to date. Now, I need to consider if I should add one of those signs to my own Leaky Cauldron MOC.

As of today’s model, it is small – and I must say a missed opportunity to bring in a reference to Christmas (only on 4 December we have had something that related to Christmas so far). With just five bricks you can do it yourself though, as shown below.

Two of the five parts we got as spares on 4 December for the Christmas decoration to go with the fire place. So you’ll actually only need five parts

Here’s how to build it.


Overall, this is another difficult day to score. The model is nice, but with only five parts (plus one spare) it is rather underwhelming. Adding a Christmas decoration would have helped adding a Christmas feel to the calendar with only a few extra bricks.

But I really like the printed sign, so I’ll give it a score of three out of five housepoints though I was very close to give it three and a half.

I am hoping for a bigger model soon. Will we see that tomorrow? And will we stay in the Leaky Cauldron for another day or two? Check the Advent Calendar page again tomorrow to see what is next…

Till then, Build the Magic!

Don’t eat the cake Dudley, or you’ll get another piggy tail

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