REVIEW: Advent calendar 6 December 2021

Yesterday‘s model took is to the hut on the rock island. Will today’s model be a related build? Or maybe a minifigure to keep Harry company? Read on to see what we got…

Well, today’s model is both a minifigure – and related to the rock island. And while I have been complaining about spoilers on the advent calendar box, I was pleased to learn that one of the “spoilers” did include a little surprise.

6 December model

Today we got a minifigure representation of Dudley Dursley.

The head and hair is the same as in the 4 Privet Drive set from 2020. But this time he is wearing a pyjamas.

The pyjamas print on the torso is a perfect representation of the one Dudley was wearing in the movie while on the rock island as seen below. It is a shame though that the legs hasn’t got a similar print.

Dudley comes with two different face prints – a smiling one and a scared/surprised one.

As he was shown on the box, finding him in the calendar wasn’t a big revelation though. But I hadn’t realised they had added the pig tail to his back. This little surprise made me chuckle.

“What is that on my back? Get of off”

I will now for sure have to redo (and probably enlarge) my MOC of the rock island!


In conclusion, today’s minifigure is a great companion to the hut-on-the-rock-island part of the gameboard where we currently are.

The figure torso is unique to this set – and the first time we have seen a version of Dudley from the rock island (and only second time we get a Dudley minifigure). The pig tail is a really nice touch too. It is close to a top score today, but I’ll keep it at 4.5 out of five Housepoints. Had the legs been printed as well, it would have been a five.

What will we get tomorrow? Will we move away from the rock island again? Will we see the first model to five points? Check back on the Advent Calendar page tomorrow to see.

Till then, Build the magic!

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