REVIEW: Advent calendar 5 December 2021

Harry is still alone on the gameboard. But at least he can stay warm at Privet drive, where a fireplace now has been installed. Will he get a companion today? With great anticipation we open today’s door to see…

It wasn’t a minifigure, but I’m still pleased…

5 December model

Today we got the box with the birthday cake that Hagrid brought to the hut on the rock island for Harry’s 11th birthday.

With just eight pieces (none of which are spares), it is one of the less impressive days to date when it comes to piece count.

From the parts, you can make a box with lid as well as the birthday cake.

The cake fits nicely in the box.

The printed round pink tile is an excellent representation of the cake we saw in the first move.

Here’s the part of the movie, where Harry got the cake.

I’ll try to source an extra printed tile or two for other models, such as my small model of the hut on the rock island, which was probably the first MOC I showed on this blog.


It is a simple build, and not that many parts either. But I really like the printed tile matching the cake from the movie. I know there are opposing views on the text, with many pointing out that there is no indication in the books that Hagrid suffered with dyslexia. The spelling on the cake is a decision made by Warner Bros, and I’ve got no particular issues with it, noting that dyslexia does not suggest a lower intelligence at all.

The relatively simply build and few parts could have landed today’s model with lowest score so far this year. But as I really do like the tile, I’ll award it four out of five house points anyway.

What will we get 6 December? Hagrid to hand over the cake? Someone to eat the cake with? Or another item for the gameboard. Check the advent calendar page again tomorrow for an update!

Till then, Build the Magic!

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