REVIEW: Advent calendar 19 December 2021

Harry has spend the last few days looking for Platform 9 ¾ so he can catch the Hogwarts Express to the wizarding school. Maybe the companion we got yesterday can point him in the right direction. Read on to see where we got to today…

Not surprisingly, today’s model relate to Platform 9 ¾.

19 December model

In fact, it is Platform 9 ¾ – or at least a pillar from the platform with a sign telling you that you are there.

With 19 bricks, we a back in the top range when it comes to brick count. And one of them is a beautifully printed Platform 9 ¾ tile. As with most other printed tiles in this calendar, it is unique to this set. I could use several of those for my train station!

With so many bricks, it can be hard to see how to build it from the instructions at the back of the lid. So here it is broken down into smaller steps.

Here is the completed build along with Harry and his trolley.

It also looks nice on the game board.


In terms of piece count, this calendar is quite behind what we got the last two years. The minifigures have been pretty solid though – and what otherwise has held it up is some great printed tiles. And we got one of those tiles again today, and this time not just with a few extra bricks as when we got the Privet Drive sign or Harry’s birthday cake. We got a lot of bricks! So it is a perfect model to round off the Kings Cross station part of the game board, and I’ll for that reason once again award five out of five house points.

We’re in the home stretch now. Wonder what 20 December will bring. Something related to Hogwarts Express? On another minifigure? Check the advent calendar review page again tomorrow to see!

Till then, Build the Magic!

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