REVIEW: Advent calendar 20 December 2021

After a few quite disappointing days, we’ve had a couple of really strong ones. Will today’s advent calendar model stand up to those? Here is what we got today…

Today, we got another minifigure.

20 December model

More specifically, we got Hermione Granger. That brings us up to five minifigures in this year’s calendar. It is also the last of the minifigures shown on on the box. Based on the previous years, I’d expect six minifigures in total – so still one “mystery” figure to come. I’m looking forward to that one.

Compared with Ron, who came with a few extra accessories as well, Hermione only comes with two sets of wands (two sets seems to be intentional – though not quite sure why four wands have been included with these last two minifigures).

The torso is identical to the one that came with Ron. As I noted back then, it is a new torso design unique to this set, though it will also feature in the upcoming 2022 Hogwarts Magical Trunk set. The torso represents a neutral Hogwarts robe – that is without showing any Hogwarts house colours, as the uniforms students were wearing before the sorting ceremony. It is printed both on the front and on the back.

The head is printed with two alternative facial expressions as the other minifigures in this advent calendar have also had.

For the torso, it is a nice representation of how the uniform looked in movie, as shown in the photo below from the first time we saw Hermione.

Looking at that photo makes me wish that the version of Ron we got the other day had used a different torso, representing him before he changed into Hogwarts robes later on in the train ride.

Here is the trio finally together on the game board.


Overall, this is a really good representation of Hermione as seen when she was first introduced in the movies.

But having already got the torso with Ron a couple of days ago – and with less accessories, the score will be lower than the maximum – but still a solid four out of five house points.

Given Hermione has joined Harry and Ron, I assume they have started their journey on the Hogwarts Express. Will we reach Hogmeade tomorrow, or could we be at Hogwarts already? Remember to check back on the Advent calendar review page to see where we got to…

Till then, Build the Magic!

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