REVIEW: Advent calendar 18 December 2021

Yesterday we saw Harry looking desperately for platform 9 ¾. Will he find it today? Or are we due for another minifigure? Read on to see what was behind door number 18…

We did get a minifigure.

18 December model

Today’s model is Ron Weasley. He is the fourth minifigure in the calendar, and the first to come with a decent set of accessories. Harry Potter and Dudley Dursley both came without any accessories at all (somewhat disappointing) while Griphook did have a set of keys.

Ron comes with a chocolate frog (appropriate, as he introduced Harry to them when they were sitting across in the Hogwarts Express) and another collectable wizard card tile. In my calendar, he also came with two set of wands – I’m not sure that was intended or not.

Focusing on the minifigure, it is representing Ron in a neutral Hogwarts robe, that is – without showing any of the Hogwarts house colours. So it is a good representation of a student before the sorting ceremony in the Great Hall.

As with the other minifigures in this advent calendar, both head and torso has printing on front and back.

I like the “neutral” Hogwarts robe, which is unique to this calendar (though it is also coming in the 2022 Hogwarts Magical Trunk set, which I wrote about recently). Below is a photo of (part of) this upcoming set.

Ron comes at a good time. Harry is stuck at Kings Cross looking for platform 9 ¾. Hopefully, Ron can help Harry find the platform before the Hogwarts Express leaves.


Compared to the previous few days, today is a big step up. While we’ve seen plenty of Ron Weasley minifigures previously, the figure torso is new and unique to this set, which helps lift the score.

Together with all the accessories – and maybe because the last few days have set the bar really low – I’ll award today’s model five out of five house points. It may be the only chance to do so this year.

Will we still be at Kings Cross tomorrow, or have our friends moved on in their journey to Hogwarts? There is not a lot of time left to get to Hogwarts before Christmas. Remember to check back on the Advent calendar review page to see where we got to…

Till then, Build the Magic!

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