REVIEW: Advent calendar 17 December 2021

We are getting closer and closer to Christmas, but we haven’t seen much green and red. With this speed, will it ever be Christmas as Hogwarts? Maybe today will give us some Christmas colours…

Opening today’s door, my first thought was that I had opened the wrong calendar. This was all grey – surely, it must have been the Star Wars calendar. But no…

17 December model

Today’s model is a trolley for Harry to transport his baggage around Kings Cross station (I assume). It is made out of 10 pieces (no spares), which is far from impressive – yet the same as the two previous days combined! And yes, apart from the black wheels, it is all grey.

Building the trolley doesn’t take long.

By itself, it doesn’t look that flash, but once loaded with baggage, it is actually quite good.

Here is the completed trolley with some of the stuff Harry got from Diagon Alley. It now makes sense that the lid for the wand box we got 15 December wasn’t a tile, but had studs on top.

Here is Harry on the game board. I guess they put 15+17 on the game board to help illustrate that the things you got that day 15 was meant to go on the trolley (I discussed that in my 15 December post).

And here is Harry on his way to Platform 9 ¾ in the movie. Overall, I think the trolley, baggage and minifigure captures this pretty well.

Seeing the trolley, I had to check what the previously released baggage trolley looked like (from the 2018 Hogwarts Express and a small polybag from the same year, both covered in this review).

Note that I have added the wheels (pearl silver 1×1 round studs) – the original versions didn’t have them.

Below is a comparison on the Advent Calendar version (left) and the original polybag version with Harry (right) – without the wheels added.


With two low scores (2 points on 15 December and 2.5 points on 16 December), I had hoped today would propel us to the higher end of the range. But will only a moderate piece count and none of the pieces particularly exciting, that will not happen. Still, once loaded with the baggage we have got the last couple of days, it is a pretty good model, so I’ll be generous and give it three out of five house points.

Had the loaded trolley been given a single day (20 pieces, it could happen), it would probably have triggered a top score of five points. Split over two days, some pretty good scores too. But split over three days has really been stretching it…

What will tomorrow bring? Something related to Kings Cross station? Or are we due for another minifigure? Remember to check back on the Advent calendar review page to see…

Till then, Build the Magic!

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One thought on “REVIEW: Advent calendar 17 December 2021

  1. Thanks I had no clue what the rolly thing was til I read this review.
    Also now that we see how it fits together, I’m a little annoyed that Harry has a chocolate frog before he gets the luggage cart, as he got the frog from the trolley lady of course, not in the station.


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