REVIEW: Advent calendar 15 December 2021

Yesterday, Harry could finally make a withdrawal from the Gringotts bank. Will he now go shopping or are we due for another minifigure? Read on to see what we got on day number 15…

It was no minifigure…

15 December model

Today, Harry has been buying a few things from his shopping list it appears; a book and a wand. And I should emphasise “a few”. Todays model consists on just six pieces (though the wand piece actually contains two wands, so you could argue it is seven pieces).

The wand box is rather unique, featuring in last year’s Diagon Alley set – but the rest isn’t. It would have been good with a normal 1×3 tile as lid rather than the so-called “jumper” plate. And a second box (for the other wand) wouldn’t seem excessive either.

A tile with a spell for the book would have been a nice addition too, rather than the empty looking book. A small thing that would have made the day more interesting.

Today’s photo doesn’t really look like a lot – and it isn’t.

Harry has put his loot next to the box on the gameboard. Hopefully, day 17 will bring some meaning to box 15+17.

Interestingly enough – as a reader pointed out – the print on the back of the calendar, only have number 17 listed for that spot. I’m feeling it may make more sense actually.


Another day that is definitely not above average. The wand box saves it from getting a score of one, but it will still just get 2 out of 5 house points. Is that too generous? Another wand box and a printed “spell” tile for the book would really have helped here.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be better! We have still to see our first model to get 5 points. And we are also very short on anything related to Christmas. Will tomorrow help? We will soon find out. Check back tomorrow on the Advent Calendar review page to see.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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