REVIEW: Advent calendar 2 December 2021

The first model wasn’t a minifigure as we have been used to. Will that come today instead – or is it something else? And how many house points will today’s model get? Read on to see…

2 December model

The second model in this year’s calendar is indeed a minifigure. I had very much expected so, as the third appears to be yet another model for the gameboard (there is a numbered space for it).

The minifigure is Harry Potter – again a rather obvious choice as this is a Harry Potter calendar, and we have got Harry Potter figures on 1 December the two previous years.

Here is the minifigure once built. It has a nice torso printing, and short legs, as usual when representing the figures at the first and second years at Hogwarts.

The torso back is also printed and there is an alternative face print too, showing Harry scared rather than happy.

This is a rather unique figure. It is almost identical to the “secret” figure included in 2020 Diagon Alley set, though the head piece is generic rather than having the “floo powder mistake” face on one side as the one in the Diagon Alley set. It is good I think, they keep certain things exclusive.

Here is a comparison between the calendar figure (left) and the Diagon Alley figure (right). As seen, only the head differs.

The figure is a very nice representation of Harry in the first movie (see below) wearing the oversized hand-me-down clothes from Dudley.

He was actually wearing something different in the second movie where he travelled with floo powder, so the head piece included in the calendar is more accurate.


This is a great figure – being highly movie accurate, and quite rare given it has only appeared (mostly) in a very expensive set. As it is not totally unique, I will stay shy of awarding 5 house points today, but still give it a healthy 4.5 house points.

So Harry is ready at the start, but has nowhere to go. What will 3 December bring? Check back tomorrow to see on the 2021 Advent Calendar page.

Till then, Build the Magic!

4 thoughts on “REVIEW: Advent calendar 2 December 2021

  1. Hi. Is there somewhere with a link to see each day separately ? I only see how to get the actual date opening review and want to go back and see earlier day reviews.

    Thank you !


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