REVIEW: Advent calendar 3 December 2021

Yesterday’s minifigure was expected. So are we back to building elements for the gameboard today? Or will the calendar surprise us with something else? Here’s what happened on day 3…

Before I opened the third door, a glance on the gameboard suggested we would get a model to put there. But which?

3 December model

Today’s model is a fireplace – presumingly (based on the Privet Drive sign we got the first day) from the Dursley house. It is also the first model to have a decent part count – with 20 bricks (including one spare) included in today’s plastic bag.

Today’s plastic bag was quite full!

It is a somewhat complex build too, and it took my old eyes a few moments to understand how this was going to be build. I’ve broken down the build process into several steps below, if anyone has been struggling with the instructions.

At this point you realise this is a sideways build, and that you need to put in on the side.

The black tile with grips can be lifted up as seen to reveal the ramp behind.

The reason for the ramp will probably be revealed tomorrow – though most (if not all) will most likely have noticed the functioning is shown on the box of the calendar as well.


So where does that leave us? I can kind of figure out it is a fireplace (it would have been nice if a flame had been printed on the tile), but it is mainly from looking at the box and where it fits on the gameboard. It appears somewhat unfinished. Tomorrow may help on that – or the day after tomorrow?

It is a nice build though. It consists of many parts, and not just small 1×1 plates. And I like the sideways building technique used. So ultimately, I will score it four out of five house points.

What will tomorrow bring? Some fire for the fireplace? Or one of the Dursleys? Time will tell. Check the advent calendar page again tomorrow for an update!

Till then, Build the Magic!

Harry standing on the rug in front of the fireplace. Is something exiting about to happen?

6 thoughts on “REVIEW: Advent calendar 3 December 2021

  1. the fireplace is built to shoot out Hogwarts letters by pulling up the gate, and you already have a letter to put in the slot behind the gate, then lift!


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