REVIEW: Advent calendar 21 December 2021

Christmas is closing in fast. There are not many doors left to open on the Advent calendar. We haven’t had a Christmas reference since the wreath on the fireplace on 4 December. Will Christmas come to Hogwarts today? Read on to see what we got…

There is no direct reference to Christmas today. But it does relate to a festive occasion.

21 December model

Today’s model is a table from the Great Hall packed with food for a big feast. And food is something you tend to get more than enough of during the Christmas period. So it is a great model from that perspective.

And it is a good-sized model too with 24 pieces (four are spares), including some colourful ones. In particular I like the pumpkin and the loaf of bread.

Below the building process is shown in four individual steps.

In terms of proportions, the table does look a bit weird, with the benches very low compared with the rather high table itself. I assume this is intentional, as the minifigures included have the “kids-sized” legs, which cannot bend. So they have to stand up on the benches, as Ron does on the photo below. While that looks reasonable, the table does then look very high for Harry and Hermione, who are standing on the ground.

With the included minifigures, there wasn’t a perfect solution (unless you left out the benches), and I’m pretty happy with the solution the designers came up with.


I like getting a larger model with more colours than what we have seen most days. While the designers had to make a compromise to make it work with the figures included, I think the model is pretty good. I’ll for that reason award it four out of five house points, almost giving it 4.5 points.

Only three more doors to go! I wonder what’s next? Check the advent calendar review page again tomorrow to see!

Till then, Build the Magic!

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