Exclusive minifigure of Percy Weasley coming in 2022

This time of year, we often get a preview of what is coming in the new year. So far, we have learned about two new Hogwarts Moments buildable books, the Hogwarts Hospital Wing, and the Hogwarts Magical Trunk. An upcoming release by DK Books did also caught my eye today. Read on to see why…

While we’ve seen a lot of new minifigures released in recent years covering characters not previously represented in LEGO, there are still a few gaps. That include Ron Weasley’s older brothers: Bill, Charlie and Percy.

I’ve previously covered how to build your own Percy Weasley (as well as Bill Weasley).

My custom version of Percy Weasley

But you may not need to design your own Percy custom minifigure anymore.

I rarely discuss books on this blog, but today I’ll make an exception. DK Books will release “LEGO Harry Potter – A Spellbinding Guide to Hogwarts Houses” on 13 September 2022. One or two of their book releases each year contain an exclusive minifigure, and this is one of them.

Apart from 80 pages of information about the various Hogwarts houses, you’ll get an exclusive minifigure of Percy Weasley in Gryffindor uniform as shown below.

For comparison, here’s Percy Weasley from the movies


Some information about the upcoming book is available from Penguin Random House:

Go on a spellbinding visual journey through the Hogwarts houses!

Delve into the world of the four Hogwarts school houses – Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw – in this enchanting guide featuring recent LEGO® Harry Potter™ sets and minifigures. Learn all about the Sorting Ceremony, when each young witch and wizard is put in the house they naturally belong to.

Find out about the four founders of Hogwarts and the personality traits associated with each house’s students. From Ron Weasley to Draco Malfoy, learn which house your favorite LEGO Harry Potter minifigures are in, and discover fun facts about students, teachers, creatures, and locations. 

Explore the school’s magical classrooms, cozy common rooms, and the Great Hall with its house tables. Join students for flying lessons and a game of Quidditch, and see who wins the House Cup.

It is great to see one of the “gaps” being filled by an official minifigure. And the book does sound quite interesting and may be one of the few books I’ll pick up next year. Time will tell.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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