REVIEW: Advent Calendar 13 December 2020

I can’t believe we are already half way through the calendar. The models have so far been really good and tied in well with the Goblet of Fire. But only the most recent ones are somewhat related to Christmas too. Would we see another Christmas model today? Here is what we got…

With today’s model, Christmas is truly here! We got a nice, frosty looking Christmas tree. Better than what I had expected (I was thinking we would get another wall/window section as we did yesterday).

13 December model

It is a rather substantial model with no less than 31 pieces, though six of them are spares.

There are some decent sized pieces in between, and when built, it looks really nice. The transparent white and light blue pieces add a perfect frosty look.

When I pulled the plastic bag from behind the door, I immediately guessed it was going to be a Christmas tree. Just for fun, I had a go at building one with the pieces before looking at the instructions. I built it in a way I was sure was going to be different from the official model. Here is what my tree looked like.

I kind of like the wider base, but it is rather fragile, and you have large sections of the back of the wedge plates visible, which detracts a bit. But it is interesting to see you can build a rather different model using the same pieces.

Overall, I like the compact design of the tree we got today, it fits perfectly with the backdrop the calendar provides, has many pieces and is truly a Christmas model. It lit up an otherwise grey and gloomy day here, so I’ll award it five out of five Housepoints.

Another grey and rainy day is forecast for tomorrow. Will tomorrow’s model be as effective in cheering me up (noting it will also have to compensate for it being a Monday). I have my hopes set high. You can check on the Advent calendar review page tomorrow and see how I fared.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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