REVIEW – Advent calendar 5 December

Another morning with the first stop being checking the advent calendar to see what goodies LEGO has hidden behind today’s lid. The coffee must wait a bit. Will Harry at last get some company? Or will the forest of Christmas trees continue to grow? Or will we get something completely different this time? Read on to see…

5 December model review

We got something very different – a Gryffindor House banner to decorate the Great Hall.


Part-wise (not counting the minifigure from 1 December) this is the smallest model to date. Just eight parts make up the banner with a single spare pearl gold 1×1 round plate.

While made of relatively few parts, and very quickly built, the banner looks really nice and works great as decoration in the Great Hall.


The only suggestion for improvement would have been the potential addition of a wreath, to fit with the Christmas theme too.

Nevertheless, it works well by it own. Due to the low part number, I won’t give it a top score – settling on 3.5 out of 5 possible House points, with the nice design bringing it up just above average.

Harry is now happy having his House banner behind him. But he’s feeling a bit lonely. Please get him some company soon!


Will Harry finally get some company tomorrow? And if so who? Check back tomorrow to see.

Till then – Build the Magic!



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