REVIEW – Advent calendar 9 December

So far, the advent calendar has given us a good range of models spanning from minifigures and micro-scale models to furniture and decorations for the Great Hall. Can we keep up the diversity today? Or will we start to see repeat  of previous models? Here’s what LEGO gave us this Monday morning…

9 December model review

The answer is a repeat. Today we got another set of Hogwarts House banners, this time for the Slytherin House. This is not unexpected given we got the Gryffindor banner a few days ago.

As back then, today’s model is made up of 8 pieces with a spare 1×1 pearl gold round plate. Some of the pieces are reasonably large, such as the flags and the 3×3 round dish.


An interesting part is the flat silver flag,  which is new in this colour and currently only available in this Advent calendar. This counter the fact that this is repeat of something we’ve already got – though with a colour change.

But it must be acknowledged that the house banners are pretty essential decorations for the Great Hall and add to the atmosphere, so I’m still pleased to see today’s model – and that they have taken the effort to produce the flag piece in the silver colour to do this right.


As final verdict, however, due to the small piece count and lack of “surprise”, I’ll give this three out of five House points. Dumbledore as advised he’s not rounding up the scores for Slytherin as you may expect 🙂

Will we get more flags tomorrow? Or tables? Or something completely new (would be nice)? Check back on the review page tomorrow to see.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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