REVIEW – Advent calendar 13 December

With the half way mark behind us, we are sprinting towards the finish line (it feels at least so, I’ve so much I need to do the next few weeks). The calendar started up brilliantly, but we’ve stated to see quite a few repeat models. Would today give use something new and exciting? Read on to see what I found behind today’s lid…

13 December model review

Another repeat – as today we got our third set of Hogwarts house banners – this time a blue and silver Ravenclaw banner. It’s another model with relative few pieces, and a repeat of something we have got twice already. But it wouldn’t really be right without it either.


It is good to see another flat silver flag piece included as we got on 9 December. This is a new colour for this element and is only available in the advent calendar so far. But it would have been even better to get a bronze one. This would have been yet another new element to add (and add to the cost), as currently not available in that colour. It would however be true to the JK Rowlings’ description of what the Ravenclaw colours should be, as referred to on Pottermore/Wizarding World as blue and bronze:

The four Hogwarts houses have a loose association with the four elements, and their colours were chosen accordingly. Gryffindor (red and gold) is connected to fire; Slytherin (green and silver) to water; Hufflepuff (yellow and black, representing wheat and soil) to earth; and Ravenclaw (blue and bronze; sky and eagle feathers) to air.

Instead, we have the blue/silver combination, which was used in the movies. The Harry Potter sets seems to follow the movies closer than the books.


It is great to see that the LEGO Harry Potter sets of 2018-19 (online those earlier) recognises that there are other Hogwarts houses than Slytherin and Gryffindor, so I’m not going to complain about this rather decorative piece – or the fact that one of the remaining lids will probably give us the Hufflepuff banner.


The Great Hall is starting to look rather festive. Wonder how much more that we can fit on the advent calendar lid?

But now to the serious (Sirius?) part – the scoring! Similar to 9 December – with the limited number of parts and lack of surprise factor here, my score is restricted to three out of five House points, held up by the inclusion of the rather nice flat silver flag piece.

I  really hope to see something new and interesting tomorrow. That may bring the scoring back up to the fours and fives we started with. Check in tomorrow on the advent calendar review page.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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