REVIEW – Advent calendar 12 December

ON THE TWELFTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS – my LEGO calendar gave to me… Not going to spoil any surprises here, but I’m stunned that we are already half way through the calendar. Looking at the models we’ve got so far, it fills up the Great Hall well already. I hope the second half will be just as good. But let’s have a look at today’s model…

12 December model review

Previously, when we got our first table (7 December), we got some food to put on to it the following day. So it’s not a bit surprise that following yet another table yesterday, we got another lot of food today to put onto that table.

While it does include some golden goblets (which we didn’t get with the table yesterday) the food itself is different from the previous and supplements it very well.

We luckily got another silver plate too, a part that is currently only available in this advent calendar!

We can now do up both tables for a big feast.


Without any Slytherin students at their table, it may make more sense to make one long table instead.


When it comes to scoring, I acknowledge the inclusion of food as essential to recreate a Christmas feast scene. The inclusion of a silver plate again is appreciated, but none of the actual food items are particular exciting and I’d therefore only award three out of five House points to today’s model.

Will we continue getting more tables and banners, or will the second half of the calendar give us different items for the Great Hall? There is plenty of room for more students around the tables too – so keen to see more minifigures as well. I’m excited to see what tomorrow will bring. You can follow that on the review page.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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