REVIEW – Advent calendar 11 December

From previous experience with LEGO Advent calendars, they can get a bit lackluster as you progress through the 24 days of LEGO gifts.  As we get close to the half way mark, one could fear this. Can the calendar keep up the strong start? Read on to see what today brought us…

11 December model review

As we had with the Hogwarts House banners a couple of days ago, today we got another “repeat” model, this time an additional table for the Great Hall.

It differs only by having a candlelight on the table instead of two golden goblets we got with the 7 December model.

As I mentioned back then, you get a decent amount of parts to make the model – including some larger ones.

A total of 20 parts were in the bag – 17 for the model plus three spares.

The candle stands in a small stand made up of a “barista” piece and a pearl gold “dot” for decoration. It looks reasonable, though I’d probably have preferred one made from a telescope piece. Getting a flame as spare is nice. I’m still slowly replacing my larger, older flames with these ones as I get more and more.


With the extra table, we can either create a longer one, or say that we now have one table for Gryffindor and one for Slytherin. They match well with the House banners we have got so far. Will we get more banners? And more tables? It could become a big party – though it would require more minifigures.


While the design is good, and a good number of parts, getting a second table can’t get me to award more than three out of five House points to today’s model. Hopefully we’ll get back to the higher scores tomorrow. Be sure to check back in on our review page to see.

Till then, Build the Magic!




























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