REVIEW – Advent calendar 7 December

I really prefer opening Advent calendars on weekend days, not having the rush to get out the door for work. This morning, I actually took the time making coffee and then sat down with the calendar. Yesterday’s model had been okay, but not as great as many of the earlier days. Would today be different? With great anticipation I opened the lid…

7 December model review

First impression was that the bag of bricks was pretty decent in size – not due to the number of bricks, but some reasonable sized pieces in there. Checking the back of the flap, I could see the parts would make a nice table for the Great Hall.


A special mention is the 1×4 dark brown plate, which is new in 2019 and apart for a Minecraft set it is otherwise only available in very expensive, exclusive sets like Stranger Things. So it’s good to see them included here.


With 15 parts (plus one spare), it’s reasonable in size for a calendar and I think the table design works well being made with a mix of reddish brown and dark brown colours with pearl gold decorations. It also comes with a couple of pearl gold goblets. I think it looks fine, though a bit short, but anything longer would not have fit in the calendar.


Tables are essential for a Christmas feast in the Great Hall and I think the included design is good. It actually works both for kids with fixed (non-articulated) legs standing on the bench and “adult” minifigures who can actually sit there as shown below.


I assume there will be more tables to come, but that shouldn’t detract from today’s scoring. As an essential furniture of the Great Hall, I think it works well and the supplement of dark brown and pearl gold makes it less plain/boring to look at. I find it hard to settle on a score though – 3.5 comes to mind, but Dumbledore told me to round up to four out of five House Points.

Is that reasonable? Will we get more tables tomorrow (as we got Christmas trees two days in a row)? Check back tomorrow on the advent calendar review page.

Till then, Build the Magic? 

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