REVIEW – Advent calendar 8 December

A nice quiet Sunday morning having fun with the Advent calendar. I appreciate the excitement every morning seeing what gift is hidden behind the lid. Some days have been great, others merely okay. Luckily no days have been a disappointment so far. Click on to see where today’s model will sit on my House Point scoring table…

8 December model review

Today’s gift (not sure I’d call it a model) is a nice companion to the table we got yesterday. Apart from the days with minifigures, this is the day with the least amount of parts. From todays’s small plastic bag I pulled 7 parts, which makes up a turkey with detachable drumsticks, a silver dish and something I assume is food to put on the dish. More about that later.

While 7 parts is not a lot, some of the parts are worth a mention. The turkey has traditionally been quite rare and worth a few dollars, though price has come down lately. The two drumsticks are from a new mould that mainly is present in 2019 sets only. And the silver dish is brand new in this colour and so far only present in this advent calendar!

The three Bright Light Orange Ice Cream Scoops are relatively common. I presume they represent potatoes which are often served with roast at Christmas dinners. The just fit on the plate. Alternatively, you can balance the turkey on the dish (though it doesn’t quite fit) and use the ice crease scoop pieces for some bubbly butterbeer!

I think I prefer the former though.  Now Harry can have a feast in the Great Hall. As McGonagall will be at the teachers table, he’s still quite lonely. Let’s hope one of this friends shows up soon.


As the items fit the Christmas theme perfectly, adding play value (or decoration for those to old to play) to the table we got yesterday, it offsets the very low piece count and I’ll give it an average score. So three out of five House points today.

What will tomorrow bring? More furniture for the Great Hall? Or another microscale model as the cute Hogwarts train on day 2? Check back on our page tomorrow to see.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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