REVIEW – Advent calendar 2 December

Yesterday was a good day when it comes to the Harry Potter LEGO advent calendar. We got a minifigure that had a nice connection to Christmas – Harry wearing the sweater he got from Molly Weasley. This will be hard to beat. In yesterday’s review, I left Harry standing in the snow. What will happen today? Will he get company, something to eat, a fire to get warm by, or something else? Read on for the review of the 2 December model.

2 December model

Today’s model is an excellent microscale model of Hogwarts Express. It is made up of 22 bricks, with the engine using 15 pieces and the single carriage using the remaining 7. There were four spare pieces as well, so 26 bricks is pretty good value.

The model looks great with some nice part usage (NPU), such as the use of roller-skates as boogies/wheels on the carriage. The carriage clicks onto the engine using a modified plate with clips clicking onto a brick with bar, which serves as the drivers cabin on the engine.

The model features three of the new curved 1×1 slopes for the front of the engine. I’d like to get many of these to build tiled roofs eventually, so I’m pleased to see them becoming more widely available.


With the risk of inflating the point scale, I think this is an excellent micro-scale model and will once again award Five out of Five possible House Cup points.

Now Harry has got a train to play with in the snow. Or maybe he can warm his hands on the engine fire. Will tomorrow bring another Five out of Five? Be sure to check back in to see. All daily reviews are on the advent calendar review page.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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