REVIEW: Advent calendar 2 December 2020

Yesterday, we got a minifigure with some great accessories, and I almost awarded it the maximum of 5 house points. What is hiding behind the second door on the calendar? Will it be more accessories for the figure, or something else? And how many house points will it get? Read on to see…

2 December model

Opening the second door on the calendar, I first noticed that there was a decent amount of bricks included. A total of 18 bricks (including two spares) to be precise, including a few decent sized ones.

These pieces allow you to build a model of Hogwarts. It is not great, but when you look at it from an low angle, slightly from the left, you clearly see the Great Hall, the Central Tower and what I think are the gate houses at the end of the viaduct, basically the key parts of the big 2018 Hogwarts Castle set (set 71043).

Front view
View slightly from the left

For comparison, here is a photo of the 2018 Hogwarts Castle set. In particular, I like the use of the 1×2 plate with three teeth for the Great Hall, and it’s a pretty good representation of a 6020 piece set using just 16 pieces!

In conclusion, we do get a reasonable amount of bricks and it does from some angles in particular resembles Hogwarts well, but others not so well.

It doesn’t really fit well with the Yule Ball theme, but I appreciate diversity in the style of models included, and I really liked the micro-scale Hogwarts Express model from last year’s calendar (coincidentally – or maybe deliberately – this was also on 2 December). Considering all of this, I’ll award today’s model a moderate score of 3.5 out of 5 house points.

What will tomorrow bring? Another average build – or something spetacular? Time will tell. Check in tomorrow on the 2020 advent calendar page to see more.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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