REVIEW – Advent calendar 1 December

At last, the clock has ticked over to 1 December and the Christmas month has officially started. And with this, I can finally open the first lid on the advent calendar, which has been standing on the shelf waiting for so long. So was it worth the wait – read on for my review of the 1 December model.

As the blog has readers from New Zealand to Hawaii, spanning most time zones, I’ve decided to keep the title photo without any spoilers – just open the link when you’re ready to see what the calendar had to offer each particular day.

The advent calendar

Since 2011, I have had LEGO advent calendars – various types, mostly City but also the occasional Star Wars and LEGO Friends. And they started to be a bit of a repeat, so it is no secret that I was overly excited to learn that there would be a Harry Potter themed calendar this year.


The front is probably a bit underwhelming. Not quite sure why, maybe it just doesn’t stand out with the chosen colours. I went past it several times in the shop without noticing when I was first looking out for it.

As normal with LEGO Advent Calendars, you can open the lid and it will reveal a landscape you can use to set up the figures as you get them.

Open calendar

It shows partly the interior of the Great Hall ready for a Christmas feast, while about a third shows Hogwarts from the outside with snow covering the front. But let’s get started with the actual models.

1 December model

The first model we get is a minifigure. The Advent calendar has quite a few of them, and this one is no surprise having been pictured on the front of the calendar. But it is probably the one I’ve been looking most forward to: Harry Potter with his jumper he got from Molly Weasley on his first Christmas as Hogwarts. The figure uses the kids legs to represent his young age. As accessory, a set of two dark brown wands is included.

He comes with a dual printed head, either smiling or scared.

Though I have plenty of different Harry Potter minifigures, this is an awesome Christmas model and I give it Five out of Five possible House Cup points.

For now I’ve put him standing in the snow, waiting for some company. Wonder what tomorrow will bring? Another Five out of Five? Check back in tomorrow to see.

Till then, Build the Magic!





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