REVIEW – Advent calendar 10 December

Another December morning, and another rush to the advent calendar for a quick look at today’s model before a long day at work. The last few days the advent calendar has given us interior for the Great Hall. Would today be any different? I was really pleased today – read on to see why…

10 December model review

Today’s model was not unexpected, but totally wanted anyway. We got a Ron Weasley figure with his Christmas gift from his mum, Molly, a sweater with a big R knitted on it.


Together with the similar figure with Harry (with a big H knitted on it), they were the main attractions for me with this Advent calendar.


The colours and printing matches those used in the first movie well.


Also, this means that Harry now has some company when sitting at the Gryffindor table. I’m sure he’d struggle to eat that turkey alone.


As with the 1 December model of Harry, I’ll award five out of five House points to today’s model as it perfectly fits the Christmas scene and is a rather iconic piece of dress known by all who has seen the movies.

Following this, will tomorrow be a disappointment? Time will tell.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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