REVIEW – Advent calendar 3 December

After two excellent days, both getting top scores, I was curious to see what today would bring. Another figure? Another micro-scale build? Or something else? And not least, would I once again have to award 5 House Points, or wouldn’t it quite hold the standard set by the first two models. Read on for my review of 3 December…

3 December model

Today we got something different with this model being minifigure scale. It is a small, snow-covered Christmas tree, and as a bonus, you don’t just get one – but two!


Each tree is made up of 9 bricks, with another three spare bricks, including one of the relative new “barista” pieces.

The barista piece is used to hold a star on top of the tree, which is otherwise made up of a white cone (2×2) and dark green cheese slopes making up branches underneath standing on a black 2×2 dish. The result is a pretty small tree, and with a very abrupt change from snow white to dark green.

While I can’t say the design is perfect, having two allows you to decorate the entrance to the great hall with a tree on either side.


With 21 bricks in total, it is a decent “gift” to get today, and while the tree itself may only be worth three House Points, Dumbledore has convinced me to give a special bonus for getting two, for a final score of four out of five House Points.

Will tomorrow’s model give us more decorations for the Great Hall? Or will we once again move outside into the snow? Remember to check back on the advent calendar review page.

Till then, Build the Magic!


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