REVIEW: Advent Calendar 23 December 2020

Opening the second last door today, we’re truly getting towards the end of the countdown. What will we get? Read on to see…

Following a few days where Christmas as a theme has been limited, I’m glad to announce that Christmas is back on the agenda. And it looks like most students are on Santa’s nice list, as we’ve got presents for them all.

23 December model

Behind the second last door, we found 23 pieces (only one was a spare) that allow us to build one present for each of the four Hogwarts houses.

Here is what they look like assembled (and outside the plastic bag). As seen, they are built in the colours of  the Hogwarts houses, and the Gryffindor one in particular stands out, perfectly representing a wrapped in broom. While the calendar has focused on the Goblet of Fire, it may very well represent the Firebolt broom Harry was given by Sirius for Christmas in the Prisoner of Azkaban (as per the book, as he got it later in the movie).

The use of the small plate with clip as bow tie works okay in black, but for some reason I think it doesn’t look right in grey on the Slytherin and Ravenclaw presents.

Combining with the Christmas trees it supplements the calendar backdrop nicely.

I have had many LEGO Advent calendars over the years, and I think most have included Christmas presents in some form. Keeping the presents in the colours of the Hogwarts houses is a plus (they did so last year too). The wrapped in broom is brilliant, however, so I’ll hand out another five out of five Housepoints today.

What will be behind the last door tomorrow? Hopefully another model to bring the Christmas spirit to Hogwarts. Only one more sleep and you can check the advent calendar review page again to see!

Till then, Build the Magic!

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