REVIEW: Advent Calendar 22 December 2020

December has gone incredible quick so far. I can’t believe we are already at the third last door today. What is hiding behind it? Read on to see what we got…

Today we got the sixth and final minifigure. As she was pictured on the box it wasn’t a surprise it was Hermione Granger.

22 December model

Like I’ve done with many recent models, I started building the figure in the bag first (as an extra morning challenge), complete with wand in hand.

But let’s liberate the minifigure from the plastic bag and have a closer look.

As all other minifigures in the calendar, it has high quality printing. Here is what the figure looks like from the front.

The head is dual printed with and angry face as alternative.

Similar to Cho, Padma and Parvati, her dress is made from a printed 1×2 brick and a 1×2 plate as bottom. The back of the brick is unfortunately unprinted as we saw for the other female characters.

From this year’s Advent calendar, we have two couples that went to the Yule Ball together: Harry and Parvati as well as Ron and Padma. Hermione however went to the Yule Ball with Viktor Krum. So if you don’t want her to be alone, you should be chasing up the version of Krum included in the Hogwarts Clock Tower set. That will also give you Cedric Diggory, who had Cho Chang as date.

While the Hermione minifigure is nice, I will discount the score it gets as it is identical to the version in last year’s Clock Tower set. So four out of five Housepoints is what I can award today.

What will tomorrow bring? Not a minifigure, as we’ve now got six already. With just two more doors left to open, I hope it is something strongly Christmas related. Check the advent calendar review page again tomorrow to see what we got…

Till then, Build the Magic!

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2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Advent Calendar 22 December 2020

  1. On the top of the Hermione and Cho mini figures there is a hole so I put a bow and a flower in their hair that I had from another set.


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