REVIEW: Advent Calendar 21 December 2020

Christmas is closing in fast. There are not many doors left to open on the Advent calendar. Hopefully today will reveal a good model. Let’s see what we got…

Today we are back at the music theme. At least it is consistent with something we have got previously, but that’s probably the most positive I can say today.

21 December model

Pulling out the plastic bag from behind today’s door, my immediate thought was “where’s the rest?” With only 11 pieces (two were spares) and nothing bigger than a 2×2 tile, I think this must be the smallest lot so far.

I built it again while in the bag (being on holiday, I have the time). It was much faster than yesterday’s model.

Here it is outside the bag. Yes, that’s all folks.

With a grand piano from 17 December and today’s microphone and node stand, the minifigures can now form a band. Not sure why they should though.

So with only the 2×2 tile with the nodes of any interest and nothing bigger than that, this will be a low score of just two out of five Housepoints (which may be too generous).

What will tomorrow bring? More music related builds, or will we be back to decorative models for the Great Hall? Maybe a minifigure? As long as it’s better than today. Check the advent calendar review page again tomorrow to see!

Till then, Build the Magic!

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