REVIEW: Advent Calendar 17 December 2020

With yesterday’s model, we are firmly set on a trend of Christmas related models. And as you get closer and closer to Christmas, if anything, you might expect that to be further emphasised. Therefore, today’s model was slightly surprising. Here is what we got…

Christmas is taking a break today. We’ve previously got a huge gramophone (as featured in the movie when Professor McGonnagall taught the Gryffindor students the Wizarding Waltz ahead of the Yule Ball). Today, we are back on the music scene with a grand piano.

17 December model

Today’s bag included a modest 13 parts, of which however only one was a spare.

When assembled, you get a grand piano. As such it looks pretty good, though less rounded than optimal from some angles. Adding a few extra parts for a stool would have been good. But the 1×4 printed tile with the keys itself is a useful piece for any music lover.

So why a grand piano you may ask? I don’t see any real connection to the Goblet of Fire movie (maybe I’ve missed something), but music and the festive season does go well together, with Christmas carols and endless repeats of Mariah Carey and Wham in the shopping centres.

Looking back at previous models, on the first day we did get the Yule Ball invitation, which highlighted the Weird Sisters were to perform.

Having just rewatched the Weird Sisters performance of Do the Hippogriff, I don’t see a grand piano on stage, nor in the beautiful Magic Works song.

The Weird Sisters – Do the Hippogriff (from the deleted scenes)

Maybe the reference is more related to the recent LEGO Ideas Grand Piano set, which is an awesome (though expensive) set for any music lovers.

When we got the gramophone on 7 December, I added a photo of Caretaker Argus Filch (no, he is not from the Advent calendar) operating it as he did in the movie. Here, I’ll put him at work at the piano instead. Hit it Mr Filch!

As such, the piano looks reasonable, though I would have preferred it in black (unless there is a reference to a grey grand piano in Harry Potter I’ve missed). Without any other obvious clues why it is included – and with a quite small piece count, I’ll award it a neutral score of three out of five Housepoints.

Will we tomorrow continue with a musical theme? Or maybe it is time for another minifigure – as Harry is desperately looking for a date for the Yule Ball. Will he find one before it is too late? Check back tomorrow on the Advent calendar review page to see!

Till then, Build the Magic!

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