REVIEW: Advent calendar 7 December 2020

We are firmly set with models from the Goblet of Fire. But apart from the minifigures, which are from the Yule Ball, the models have not been directly related to Christmas so far, but very nicely leading up to it. So I am curious to what today’s model will bring. Will we see the first true Christmas model?

Christmas is getting closer! Today’s model is a giant gramophone. Why, you may wonder? In the Goblet of Fire movie, in preparation for the Yule Ball, Professor McGonagall was giving the Gryffindor students a dance lesson. For this, Hogwarts caretaker Argus Filch was playing a waltz on a large gramophone with a giant horn.

DJ Filch is controlling the music

7 December model

The model looks very nice when built with good part usage and colour scheme. Before I found the photo above, I thought it was oversized, as taller than a minifigure. But it is pretty much perfect.

It would have been nice with it standing on a small table. Four cone bricks would have done the trick, and it would still have kept the piece count moderate at 20 (there were 16 pieces today, of which four were spares).

Below, I’ve added four such cone bricks. Now Filch is ready to get the party started.

Scoring can be difficult. I liked the model and how well it fits with the story that has been told by the calendar so far, but it is quite small, so I will keep the score at four out of five housepoints again today.

Will the next model continue with the dancing lesson theme? Wonder what it will be. A new dance partner for Harry maybe, given Cho turned him down? Check the Advent Calendar page again tomorrow to see what is next…

Till then, Build the Magic!

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