REVIEW: Advent calendar 9 December 2020

The last couple of days, we have had furniture in minifigure scale. Will we get more furniture – or will another minifigure finally join Harry and Cho? So far, the many references to the Goblet of Fire have been amazing. Can it continue? Read on to see what is behind door number 9…

Today’s model is a round table with a bottle. Nothing specific related to Christmas (or the Yule Ball) or the Goblet of Fire for that sake. As we shall see, it does work well with both of the previous two models though.

9 December model

Behind today’s door we find only 10 parts, one of them being a spare. So it is the smallest model to date (excluding the day with the Cho Chang minifigure).

From this you can build a round table, with a glass bottle on top. It is a nice looking table though. I like the design using the cross plate at the bottom. The glass bottle is a nice addition, but is not a rare piece by any means.

The modified round plate with a centre stud on the middle of the table will work well with both golden egg (that came with the couch yesterday) and gramophone (from 7 December).

The gramophone in particular, reviewing the Goblet of Fire movie, was placed on a larger round table, as seen below.

Being a very small model piece wise, with no “wow” factor or interesting rare parts, the score today is down at 2.5 out of 5 housepoints. I had thought of two, but it is lifted as it supplements the two previous models well.

What will tomorrow bring? Hopefully something better. Harry is still procrastinating solving the clue hidden by the golden egg. Maybe we’ll get Hermione to nag him? Or Ron to cheer him up? We’ll soon know. Check back tomorrow on the advent calendar review page to see…

Till then – Build the Magic!

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