REVIEW: Advent Calendar 10 December 2020

Time is flying. We are already at the two-digit numbers in December, and I have still so much to do. Luckily the ritual of opening the advent calendar helps me calm down in the morning. Let’s see what it had for me today…

I had guessed correctly yesterday (for once) – we did indeed get another minifigure today.

10 December model

From the plastic bag hiding behind door number 10, we get the pieces to build Ron Weasley. Not surprising (as he featured on the front of the calendar) he is in his Yule Ball formal dress – similar to Harry and Cho Chang, who we got earlier. It is however, exactly the same minifigure as the one included in the 2019 Clock Tower set, which may disappoint those who also own that set. He does however come with two sets of two wands! Ron has a tendency to break his wand, so it is good with some extras…

Looking at the model in detail, Ron looks great, with his longish hair (nobody seemed to be able to get a hair cut in the Goblet of Fire), and detailed printed torso.

Comparing with his dress in the movie (see below), the torso is excellent, but it would have been appropriate to print the legs too to reflect the long jacket. It does not always turn out well though. The use of black legs is movie accurate otherwise.

Ron wasn’t particular happy with his formal dress, which was bought second-hand.

Harry Potter: “Well, I expect yours are more traditional…

Ron Weasley: “Traditional? They’re ancient!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

His alternative face print is perfect for his mood wearing the dress at the Yule Ball.

The pattern of his jacket is hard to see from some angles and shows up better above than the initial photo from the front. It would have been nice with a similar pattern on the arms, but that would probably have been hard to print. Luckily the back of the torso is printed though.

Overall, it is a nice figure – with excellent printing, but as noted, it would be been nice if the printing had been extended to arms and legs. Had it been a new figure – or come with interesting accessories like Harry’s Yule Ball invitation – I would have scored it really high. With the limitations noted, I can only award it 3.5 out of 5 Housepoints.

With a minifigure today, we are unlikely to get another one tomorrow. So what will we get instead? More furniture for the Gryffindor common room? Or will we finally see a non-minifigure model directly related to the Yule ball itself? Another sleep and we will know, so check back tomorrow on the Advent calendar review page.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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