REVIEW: Advent calendar 5 December 2020

Since 1 December, Harry has been patiently waiting for a date for the Yule Ball. Will he be lucky today? With great anticipation we open today’s door on the calendar to see…

After three days with cool microscale builds, we finally got another minifigure.

5 December model

Today’s minifigure is Cho Chang in her Yule Ball dress. She is one of the characters that wasn’t included in last year’s Clock Tower set, so it’s the first Yule Ball version of her. She comes with printing on a 1×2 brick instead of a skirt, to fit the height of her age. The printing is sharp and detailed.

She comes with an alternative facial expression printed, looking sad.

The back shows only the torso is printed, while the “dress” isn’t, which is a shame.

“Will you be my date for the Yule Ball, Cho?”, Harry asked Cho when he finally was alone with her.

Sorry Harry, I’ve already promised to go with Cedric to the ball…

While Cho did turn down Harry, it’s a great figure to get. It fits the overall theme of the calendar and being new, it supplements well the figures that were included in last year’s Clock Tower set. It looks amazing, but I would have preferred the back of the skirt being printed too. So almost top score today with 4.5 out of 5 house points awarded.

So no luck for Harry today. Will he have more luck tomorrow? Check the Advent Calendar page later to see…

Till then, Build the Magic!

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