REVIEW: Advent calendar 6 December 2020

After another minifigure yesterday, we’ll probably get something else today. But will we be back to micro-scale? And will there be a tie in with the Yule Ball?

Maybe the model is not exactly from the Yule Ball, but it is a nice model from the Goblet of Fire. In fact, it is the Goblet of Fire.

After the Durmstrang and Beauxbatons wizarding schools had arrived at Hogwarts (as covered on days 2-4 December), the Goblet of Fire was set up.  Anyone (old enough) could put in a piece of paper with their name if they wanted to compete in the Tri-wizard tournament.

6 December model

Today’s model is a nice representation of the Goblet of Fire, complete with blue fire burning.

With only 12 parts in the model (and two spares), it is the smallest build so far (excluding the minifigures). It would have been nice if they had added a couple of tiles (as the one below) representing the pieces of paper with names that have been put in the Goblet. Luckily I have a few spares myself.

In conclusion, it’s a great continuation of the story starting with the micro-scale builds and a very nice representation of the Goblet of Fire. But as it is somewhat small on terms of piece count, I’ll only award it four out of five Housepoints.

What will we get tomorrow? Will the model get five points? Check the Advent Calendar page later to see.

Till then, Build the magic!

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