REVIEW: Hogwarts Moments – Charms Class

76385: Hogwarts Moments – Charms Class

Thanks to LEGO’s AFOL Engagement Team, I have had the opportunity to have a look at the new Hogwarts Moments series before they hit the shelves in January 2021. There will be four of those sets, one for each of the Hogwarts Houses. Friday, I reviewed the Hufflepuff set. Today, I’ll have a look at the Ravenclaw Charms Class. Enjoy…

In this post, I continue the review of the four buildable books in the new Hogwarts Moments series due in stores in January 2021. Rather than starting with Gryffindor, I decided to begin with the more underrepresented houses. So this time I will have a look at the Ravenclaw book, having covered Hufflepuff in Friday’s post.

Box and content

The box is “book shaped” in the sense it is taller than it is wide. The front shows the book as main feature. The box is larger than what I thought it would be, to an extent the photo of the book on the front is larger than what it is when built. This may disappoint some customers.

The books may be smaller than what you expect from looking at the box

As usual, there is a list of the included minifigures in the lower left corner of the front. In this series, there is also an insert photo to the right, teasing what the set looks like when the book is opened up.

Turning over the box, we get to see that in more detail. Interestingly, the back is in landscape mode as usual, most likely because the set is best shown when folded out in that format. The back is dominated by a large photo of the book opened up with all the small models spread out to show a charms class in progress. Two small insert photos show that the book can be opened – and that there will be four of them (encouraging you to “collect them all”).

Inside the box you find two numbered bags, three plates (including two of the new book cover pieces), the instructions and a somewhat substantial sticker sheet. The latter is loose within the box.


The set includes three figures, Professor Filius Flitwick (Head of Ravenclaw) and Ravenclaw student Cho Chang. Finally Harry Potter is included as all four books include a Gryffindor student – probably to include well known characters for new collectors of Harry Potter sets. The figures look great, as you have come to expect. And they all bring something new.

Most importantly, Professor Flitwick is represented as he appeared in the first two movies. Previous versions have all focused on his very different appearance in the later movies.

Below is what he looked like in the early vs the later movies. It is great to get the new version, which is the first time we get a version of his early appearance. I wish LEGO would make a bald “hair-piece” to cover up the exposed stud though.

The printing on Flitwick’s torso is nicely detailed, but is is also worth mentioning the updated uniform sweaters for Cho and Harry. Compared to the 2018-20 minifigures, the colours are a more visible, in particular due to the addition of the house crest. This is great as it was hard to see the difference between Slytherin and Ravenclaw unless lighting was good with the previous.

The photo below shows their alternative face prints for Harry (scared) and Cho (sad).

The torsos are all printed on the back, which gives a nice complete look.

With the figures covered, let us continue with the actual build.

The Build

As with the Hufflepuff – Herbology Class, you start with building a number of small loose models, in this case desks and benches for students, a glass cabinet with a goblet and a key, a chest, and a teachers desk.

Then you complete the book cover – this one only has two larger stickers on the inside. The front cover is printed though, and looks great. .

Then you add additional classroom detail, including a blackboard, bookshelves and a fireplace. I like the sand blue colour as backdrop to the class.

Here are a few close-up photos from the finished model.

Finally, for completeness, here is an overview photo of the book setup for play/display.

And here is the book packed up – and closed.

As I found out with the Hufflepuff book, there is no room for the minifigures in the packed up book. You can either store them on top (there are exposed studs), or pack them in a bag. It would have been nice if they could fit in the book though.


When I first heard about these sets, I was a bit unsure how they would work. I think they have turned out very well though, with the books looking impressive both when folded up and on display. Having shown them to a number of people, I think they will be popular, both for display pieces and play sets for young Harry Potter fans.

In terms of design, the only flaws I can think of is the lack of space to store the three figures included, when the book is folded up – and the rather small size, considering the illustration on the box. But otherwise, this is an nice addition to the Harry Potter range, offering something different.

There are two more sets in the series to review. Check the reviews page – they should be available over the next few days.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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