REVIEW: Advent Calendar 15 December 2020

We have seen a series of connected models in recent days. Will this trend continue? Or will there be something different behind today’s door. Here is what we got…

Following four days with no minifigures, we finally got another one today. With that, we have now got four out of the six minifigures that should be included in the calendar.

15 December model

Today we got a minifigure of Padma Patil in her Yule Ball dress. This is the first time we see Padma as minifigure, and I am pretty exited over that.

I have made a few custom versions of her and her twin sister Parvati previously, but have not been able to create a good Yule Ball version. Now I don’t need to.

As with Cho Chang, the printing is great, but to give her a proper height for her age, instead of a skirt piece, a 1×2 brick and 1×2 plate is used instead. Only the brick is printed though.

As usual for minifigures these days, she comes with an alternative face print as shown below. I would have preferred a more grumpy frown, which better would represent her mood during most of the Yule Ball.

The back of the torso is printed, but as with Cho Chang, but unfortunately the skirt isn’t.

Padma was Ron’s date at the Yule Ball. Below is how they look together – both as minifigures and in the movie.

While I am a bit disappointed by the lack of printing of the back of her skirt, it is a great figure overall. And as it is her debut as minifigure as well, I will award today’s model a top five out of five Housepoints.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring. A new minifigure is unlikely already. So maybe some more furniture for the Gryffindor common room, or decorations for the Great Hall? Check the advent calendar review page again tomorrow to see!

Till then, Build the Magic!

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