REVIEW: Advent Calendar 14 December 2020

Yesterday, we got a very nice Christmas model. Will we see another great model today to cheer us up on a Monday morning? Here’s what we got…

Today we got another wall/window section for the fireplace we got the other day. That was kind of expected that one such would show up one day. Not particular exciting for a Monday though.

14 December model

The bag behind today’s door includes 16 parts, only one of them being a spare.

It looks familiar when built, as it is exactly the same model as on the December 12, though the glass jar has been substituted with a chocolate frog, which appears to be about to escape out the window.

It is a nice little model with the interesting sideways build technique, and with the greenery adding some Christmas feel to it.

It is satisfying in a way to add a window to the other side of the fireplace (for symmetry), and the three sections do look great together. But I’m not good with repetitions and in terms of parts, there weren’t many today, and none of them were particular special in any way. So I’ll only award it three out of five Housepoints.

What will tomorrow bring? It looks like more sections can be connected to the sides of the window sections. Could it be that? Or is it time for another minifigure? Check back tomorrow to see on the Advent calendar review page.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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