Get yourself a magic treat – Chocolate Frog box

I’ve previously blogged about the awesome Chocolate Frog wizard card Daan De Ruijter did, and posted about how to build a chocolate frog to go with it, including instructions on how to build both the frog and a variant of Daan’s wizard card. Now, after more than a month of thinking, experimenting and sourcing bricks, I can finally reveal a LEGO built Chocolate Frog box to go with the set. And, as last time, I’ve made instructions on how to build your own.


Just after building the chocolate frog a couple of months ago, the thought of building the box as well came to mind. My conscious self dismissed the idea immediately as too hard.  However, the thought kept popping up and I found myself doing sketches on paper every second day prompted by ideas my unconscious self didn’t seem to let go of.

The pentagon shape formed by the sides was not hard, but creating  a floor within the box – and a lid that had the right slope was more difficult, but a welcome challenge to clear the mind after long days at work.

It has been fun building, so I hope you’ll enjoy it. Instructions on how to build this and my other creations are available on the Instructions page.

Build the magic!


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