Chocolate Frog meets Wizard Card

A few months ago, the awesome wizard card creation by Daan de Ruijter was widely shared on the internet. As I blogged about here, he kindly provided instructions for his creation.

I have finally had time to make my own. I didn’t quite have all the bricks needed, so I made a few alterations on the way to match what bricks I had.

clone tag: -1103743564632666830
Finally completed my own wizard card – but something is missing!

Putting it next to the chocolate frog box I had from my recent visit to Warner Bros Harry Potter Studios Tour in London, I thought something was missing – the chocolate frog!!! That was eaten long ago.

LEGO to the rescue

I raided my spare reddish brown bricks and had after a bit of trial and error a decent looking chocolate frog. Now the setup could be completed.

Frog is complete and here shown next to the Wizard Card and the box I had from a “real” chocolate frog bought at Warner Bros Harry Potter Studios Tour in London

For those interested, I’ve uploaded instructions to the chocolate frog (and my alternative version of the wizard card) here.

Both the Wizard card and the Chocolate frog fits in the box.

Build the magic!

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