REVIEW: Advent Calendar 19 December 2020

There are not many days left before the Yule Ball. The Great Hall is being decorated, and most boys have found a date to bring. But Harry is still alone. Padma has been taken up by Ron and much worse, Cho had already agreed to be Cedric’s date. Will Harry finally find a date, or will we still be decorating the Hall today? Here is what we got…

Today we got our fifth minifigure, which is another one I’m pretty excited over. And for those thinking – why did we get that figure again – rest assured, this is a new figure: Parvati Patil, the twin sister of Padma, which we got on 15 December.

19 December model

In today’s bag we find Parvati Patil. And I am not the only one exited – Harry is too, because maybe she wants to be his date?

I’m not going to go into too much detail about what the model looks like. It is basically the same as Padma, but with the colours of the shirt and dress swapped.

Here are the two twin sisters along with a photo of them as they appeared in the Goblet of Fire movie.

Harry found the courage to ask Parvati, and she said yes! The Yule Ball is now saved. He better practice the waltz again. Where did I put that gramophone?

Harry now finally has a date for the ball…

As with Padma, it is Parvati’s debut as minifigure and it is a great representation of how she looked in the movie and perfectly supplements the figures we already have. So as with Padma, I will award five out of five Housepoints.

We’re in the home stretch now. Wonder what tomorrow will bring. Maybe more decorations for the Great Hall? Or something completely different? Check the advent calendar review page again tomorrow to see!

Till then, Build the Magic!

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