REVIEW: Advent Calendar 18 December 2020

Following yesterday’s departure from Christmas, it is back on the program today, though a few may wonder exactly what today’s model is intended to represent. Here is what we got…

Today we continue with another decorative element for the Yule Ball in the Great Hall. Specifically, we get a table (some may say half a table) with an ice castle as decoration, some Christmas decorations and what appears to be either drinks or snacks. Here is a photo from the Yule ball scene in the Goblet of Fire, where you see the round tables (and the three Christmas trees in the back).

18 December model

In the plastic bag hiding behind door number 18, we find no less than 27 pieces today. That is a high number, but many are small and five of them are spares.

Here is what the model looks like when built showing the front (left) and back (right).

Obviously, it is built to be viewed from one side only, so put it against a wall. The technic brick used for the table is a bit clumsy, as even visible from the front, but I like the ice castle. I’m not so sure about the green and red decorations. I may remove them. Even the lime green and yellow glasses/snack bowls may even be too colourful for how the Great Hall looked, and glass goblets may have been a better accessory.

We got tables with Yule Ball decorations in the 2019 Hogwarts Clock Tower set. Here is what they looked like. I would have preferred something closer to that design.

The table does look good with the Christmas trees we have had previously.

I appreciate it is difficult to build something attractive and exiting in white and transparent (including light blue) bricks only, but that would have worked a lot better in my opinion. I think there are too many distracting colours on the table in today’s model. So while it is one of the models with the most parts, and fits the Christmas theme well, I will only award it 2.5 out of 5 Housepoints.

Here I’ve trimmed it down to just the decoration and created a few goblets from spare bricks (as I due to house renovations couldn’t find the box with goblets).

Harry is still desperately looking for a date, but otherwise, the Yule Ball can soon begin. Will Harry find his date tomorrow? Time is running out. Remember to check back on the Advent calendar review page to see…

Till then, Build the Magic!

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