REVIEW: Advent Calendar 20 December 2020

Harry is now happy, and so am I, as I’m finally finished with work for the year. So the coming days I’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the calendar. Will it impress me? Here is what we got today…

With Harry finally finding a date for the Yule Ball yesterday, today we’re back decorating the Great Hall, as we got another half table with an ice castle and drinks.

20 December model

Behind door number 20 we find a plastic bag with 26 parts, of which five are spares. So a decent lot today.

As a special Sunday morning challenge, I built the model while still in the unopened bag.

It does look better outside the bag of course.

No colourful green and red decorations (yeah) this time, but four drinks for the happy students.

More importantly, the Technic pins give away this can be attached to the table we got 18 December to create a full table. That explains why they used the 1*4 Technic brick. I will probably rebuild it with other bricks as base at one point.

Here it is with Harry and Parvati, ready for the ball to start.

As last time I’ve removed the greenery as I think it looks better without.

So where does that leave us? I like the model better now I realise it connects up with the another half table. And the colour choices are better than last time. So I’ll award it 3.5 out of 5 Housepoints.

What will tomorrow bring? The table when complete has six glasses. Maybe another guest is coming joining the five minifigures we have so far? Or more decorations? Check the advent calendar review page again tomorrow to see!

Till then, Build the Magic!

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