REVIEW: Advent calendar 9 December 2022

According to the symbol on today’s door, we will get the last of the three “gifts” from the Prisoner of Azkaban movie. Based on the pattern from the previous two movies covered, that means we should get a minifigure. Does that hold for today – and if so which minifigure? Read on to see what we got…

8 December model

Having opened door 9, there is indeed a minifigure waiting for us – Sirius Black, a perfect choice for completing the set of three Prisoner of Azkaban models.

The figure torso is printed on both front and back – and as is the head. It is a version of Sirius Black not previously seen, so that is appreciated.

He comes with a printed tile with his prisoner number – famous from the wanted posters we saw in the movie. His clothes are not his prisoner clothes though, but as we have several versions of him in those already, that’s fine with me.

We have had three other versions of Sirius black this year. Two of them had him in prisoner clothes: Hogwarts Courtyard: Sirius’s Rescue and The Shrieking Shack & Whomping Willow. The third set, 12 Grimmauld Place, had him in his normal dress. You can see the versions of Sirius’s Rescue and 12 Grimmauld Place below next to the new character.


It was a nice finish to the series of Prisoner of Azkaban models. It was an obvious choice of character, and it would have given some extra points if Sirius still was a rare minifigure as he used to be. But we have seen quite a few versions of him lately. His dress is unique to this version, but not really super-exiting. I do really appreciate the printed tile though, so I will award the minifigure 4 out of 5 house points.

With that we have finished the Prisoner of Azkaban movie part of our “photo album”. Next up will be the Goblet of Fire. As that movie features the Yule Ball, this could be an opportunity (maybe the only one) to include a Christmas related model. Will we get that? Be sure to check back on the 2022 Advent Calendar page tomorrow to see what we got.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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