REVIEW: 12 Grimmauld Place

LEGO has in recent years been busy releasing LEGO Harry Potter sets that cover characters or locations that had previously not been represented in LEGO. The sets released mid-year 2022 cover more of those gaps, including one of the most iconic locations: 12 Grimmauld Place - the Headquarter of The Order of the Phoenix. Here is what you get...

Black Friday

It's apparently Black Friday. It used to be generally a thing in the US, though retailers seem very keen to make it just as big in the rest of the world. So my social media feeds have been spammed "Black Friday" notifications for days. But if you ask me what Black Friday should be about, I'd say: "Are you Sirius?" So let's have a quick overview of Sirius Black in LEGO.

New 2019 Harry Potter sets – first impressions!

Sometimes you want rumours to be true, other times not. This time I really hoped the rumoured Harry Potter sets (as per earlier post) would be confirmed, and today finally, official photos of the 2019 Wizarding World of Harry Potter line-up was found on The sets cover the 3rd and 4th books and includes … Continue reading New 2019 Harry Potter sets – first impressions!