REVIEW: Advent calendar 20 December 2022

Yesterday, we started on the series of models from the Deathly Hallows part 1. What we got was pretty average though. Would today be any better? Read on to see what we got…

Yesterday, we got Sirius Black’s motorbike which the Order used to bring Harry Potter to safety as he was about to lose the magical protection he got from living at 4 Privet Drive.

20 December model

Opening today’s door, I realised it was nicely connected to yesterday’s model, as the Order brought Harry to the Burrow. And the Burrow is what we got today!

We got 18 pieces in the plastic bag today and the model used all but one. That’s a moderate piece count, but the result is impressive.

Below you can see how the Burrow is built step-by-step.


There a lot to like today. I like the connection to yesterday’s model, I like the detail of the model, and I like the landscape and the colours. So even with a moderate piece count, I’ll give it the maximum score of 5 out of 5 house points.

With six minifigures given already, getting another tomorrow work exceed what we normally get in an advent calendar. But I hope we’ll get one. I’m not quite sure which figure that makes sense. Maybe we’ll get Ron or Hermione (though I don’t really need any more versions of them)? Be sure to check back on the 2022 Advent Calendar page tomorrow to see what we got…

Till then, Build the Magic!

3 thoughts on “REVIEW: Advent calendar 20 December 2022

  1. Agreed! Although, since it was pictured in the penseive on the play-board, it wasn’t too much of a surprise. It’s a great mini-build. 8 minifigs would be epic!


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